Thursday, February 23, 2006

Get Ready

You need to know A.M. Homes is coming out with a new book and it will probably change your life. Well, that's what the title says. "This Book Will Change Your Life" will be released the end of April and you can be sure that yours truly will have a review of it at Bookslut in May. A.M. Homes writing is admirable. The risk-taking and originality are all part of the allure for this reader. And for those of you who have yet to discover the intoxicating world of Ms. Homes's prose, please do check out Music for Torching or The Safety of Objects. She's inspiring and for me, that's all I need to feel when i read someone's work to keep turning those pages. Check back for the full scoop in May. In other news, a new dog may be gracing the Stubbs-Nigro pad in the near future thanks to TEV and GOTEV. I am going to meet the little one tomorrow and hope they pick us as the new owners. We really want a dog! And this one is adorable.

Ame-ing High in 2006

Well folks, it's official--I'm not engaged. But my future brother-in-law is. And I'm bitter. I don't want to be that person but yes, "bitter, party of 1." That's me. And well, my aim in 2006 is to be positive, no matter what crap circumstances I find myself a part of. I'm just trying to deal with the fact that I should adopt a few more cats from the pound, begin wearing moo-moo's and start stocking my cupboards with cans of frosting to consume at my leisure. But seriously, enough about all that. Now to the important stuff. While we're discussing shooting for bigger and better things, I think I should mention Jonathan Ames and his new collection of essays, I Love You More Than You Know. I had the opportunity to hear him read at Skylight Books last week and also to speak with him for our upcoming interview which will post in the March issue of Bookslut. (you can also read the review of his new work there as well.)

Jonathan is one of those people who, despite his many quirks, reminds me of how human we all are. I think his writing is the stuff that we all can relate to on some level. Maybe we haven't rolled around on a couch with a pre-op transsexual, but truly I believe there is something in his new collection for everyone. I Love You More Than You Know is some of his best work yet. if you haven't already seen him, I urge you to go--seek out Ames ( and hear him read, watch him perform and really laugh. He's on the east coast now and if you are here in California, you missed him. But east coasters--there's still time!

While the year has only just begun, I find myself looking at the start of my 31st year under a small maginfying glass in my attempt to figure out a way to be better. At everything, with everything. I've decided I'm Ame-ing high this year. And in the process trying to find my own Wodehouse to help me out.