Monday, March 24, 2008

Why it takes me Three Months to Post

Well, as some people have pointed out, I don't really blog that much. Okay, pretty much never, but I decided that i'd do more than just point out that I procrastinate and avoid putting any real content on here. Mostly, lack of time is the culprit. But let me just say this, you'll see some of my work over at Bookslut and at Tarpaulin Sky soon. I have reviews upon reviews coming out soon. Let me just say, a new work that is wonderfully unique and deserves more press than those who subscribe to this blog, is Leni Zumas's latest work. Open City has had the pleasure of publishing her stories and you all can have the luxury of reading quality fiction for a small, yet appropriate fee. And there will be a review of said work in June's Bookslut. I promise to write more about Easter bunnies, trips to Target, why car repairs happen all at once and things that make me itchy. Stay tunes y'all. I know you can hardly wait. Really. Stay tuned.