Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Straight out of the 70's

I've spent my young life as a kid around greasy auto parts and a dad who uttered phrases like, "sonofabitch" while trying to fix things on cars. But on occasion, I would go with him to the auto parts store or to some sort of garage to have said part fixed. They used to have those cheesy posters clad with women in some Mac Tools bikini or posing with some NASCAR guy--which, for some men gets the job done, I guess. But what's worse than the made-up girls in tacky car-sponsored outfits are the offices attached to the mechanic(s). Wood paneling and some Minimum wage signed posted on the side of a file cabinet from 1972, furniture circa 1981 and restrooms that are usually as filthy as a gas station. Now, I get the fact that men working on cars aren't going to be into decor (and if they were, I'm betting they wouldn't be mechanics) but I have to say--decor or not, I think we could at least move into the 90's. It's a universal thing too.

This morning was just more evidence to confirm my suspicion that all men, if left to their own devices will live in squalor and never feel the need to clean, or update their surroundings. I went to a Glass Repair shop to have them install a motor/regulator for my window since mine had decided to quit. After making the trek to Sun Valley to get the part from a junkyard (which also seemed to be stuck in the mid-70's) I arrived to a place that had a huge sign that was probably a good 40 years old. I waited for someone to arrive since I was there before it opened. Once the owner showed up, I was introduced to some old magazines, wicker chairs with stained seat cushions and a computer in the "office" that looked older than a Commodore 64. I noticed as we listened to Howard Stern on the radio that his voice was coming from a boom box that was probably used in a Run DMC video in the 80's. I left feeling secure that anytime I get my car repaired (unless I'm at a dealer) I will be able to re-visit my past--wood paneling and all. Along with my experience in the auto shop, I also took a short trip back in time last night when I sat down to watch The Amityville Horror. While I'm not easily scared by horror films, this one did creep me out. I think I'd have been okay if the whole thing weren't true. I just kept thinking about it even when I went to bed last night. I just can't get past some of those terrible images and how creepy it was. I think I'll stick to Zombie movies and things that make me laugh.