Friday, June 09, 2006

Fun with Carpel Tunnel and other Mishaps

Well, I feel like a huge moron for several reasons today. One, I haven't posted on here in a month and it gets tough to write anything on this here blog when I don't have a free second in the day to do much else but drive to work, drive from work and eat, maybe sleep, read, read and read some more, oh yeah, and that thing I"m supposed to do---write. My efforts to work on my own stuff have been thwarted by a myriad of things, running the gamut from researching how to finance a new car when you obliterated your good credit standing back in college and are just now out of the clear, thinking about future wedding costs and trying to figure out a way to add about 6 more hours to the day. In the midst of all the stuff floating around in my head I seemed to have posted or rather mis-posted information about my interview coming up with the fabulous, Gina Frangello. With my brain on auto-pilot, I'd made a mistake. And thanks to Gina for pointing it out. My interview with Gina will still post, just not at Publisher's Weekly, but rather on Susan Henderson's blog over at Publisher's Marketplace. This should happen in August or whenever Ms. Henderson decides she would like to. The crazy thing is, My Sister's Continent is a book I had been dying to read when it came out but had no free time to do so since I had over committed myself to several projects. Then Tod Goldberg came along and played the part of some jewish-matchmaker and helped introduce Gina, Susan and myself to each other. Now, for the interview! (it's coming, I swear!)

While I still have yet to stop "over-committing" myself, I find that I do work best under pressure. For starters, you can check out my interview with the very interesting and funny Salvador Plascencia over at Bookslut for the June issue. Next up will be an interview with the Open City author, Rachel Sherman. Rachel's new collection of short stories, The First Hurt was published by Open City Books and this collection is one that you will love. T.C. Boyle's new TalkTalk will be out in early July and I will have a review of that along with Daphne Kalotay's new collection, Calamity and other stories. So, my eyes will be tired and maybe that's a good thing because I truly believe that I have some early signs of carpel tunnel, which I hear is really painful if you have to get the surgery. I don't even want to think about it!

And hey, my apologies too for my somewhat cheesy post about the Natasha Bedingfield song. I just get all mushy about liking to write and feeling inspired by things like art, music and other writers. I really wish they'd stop playing that song so damned much! But, yeah . . . cheesy, I just couldn't help it. Anyhow . . . I will be posting again and I'm hoping it won't be a month from now! In the meantime, stop over to Bookslut and check out the June issue.

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