Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Book You Absolutely Must Read This Summer

For those of you who haven't found a great novel to read for the summer, you must go now and buy My Sister's Continent by Gina Frangello. Let me now tell you the reasons why you must read this book! #1: Gina Frangello is incredibly smart and witty and she's Italian, what other reason do you need??? #2: She knows her psychology and she won't blow psych theories at you or make it necessary to have taken psych 101 to understand this book, #3: Anxiety-ridden sexual encounters are exceptionally well-written, #4: You won't be able to put the book down, #5: This book will keep you thinking about it long after you've read it. For more proof of this and additional info on the book, you can read my review at Bookslut (and please ignore the 2 places that weren't edited and that I didn't catch.) Gina Frangello is such a gifted writer and there will be more to come in the future from her. And, while you're at it, check out the literary magazine, Other Voices. She's the editor there and it's a great site with well-written stories. And you might even want to subscribe to Other Voices because it's that good! I will be giving my Summer Reading suggestions for any of you who care or who are in need of help in that regard. You can be sure My Sister's Continent will be at the top of the list!

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