Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Hours in the day, please!

Hello all. Greetings from beyond the paper stacks and post-it notes. I have been away too long on here and have to say I'm terrible about posting. I have lots to post but it's finding th etime to do so that creates the problem. So, new car on the horizon, maybe a wedding ring on the horizon and I'm hoping that some new stories from yours truly will also be a part of that bright future of mine. Yes, it's been a busy few months. New job and being domestic will definetely take it out of yah! Look for some interesting stuff at for next month. There should be an interview iwth the author, Heidi Julavits. A great review of "In the colorless round" by Joanna Howard and my review of Casual. I have been so behind on things and the writing has suffered. People, I know, writing has to be a priority or else . . . well, you end up sucking. And no one wants to intentionally suck. Also, know that I'll be interviewing Denver's very own Danielle Dutton for one of her latest books entitled, Attempts at a Life. You can pre-order now at TSP (Taurpaulin Sky Press). IN the meantime, wish me luck that I'll be able to put together the bookshelf I bought at Ikea 2 weeks ago. Something tells me that 8 pages of directions with pictures in Swedish aren't going to be helpful. We'll see. Stay tuned . . .

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