Monday, November 24, 2008

Recession to bring about creativity amongst . . . well, those creative types.

So, I heard today that the recession or whatever it is we're calling our nation's economic status is said (by someone on NPR and elsewhere) that perhaps our country will experience a surge in books being written/published because people who create will be more apt to become introverted in a sense, focusing on art and what we are naturally talented at doing, as opposed to what we do when our country isn't failing, financially, which would be to . . . create art but not as ferverently??? I got the general idea of the comment today which was that people may be less likely to spend money, go out and therefore have more time on their hands to do what we do when we don't go shopping, to movies and the like. I think that was the general idea behind the comment. Well, I say it's good to create whether financially sound or not! Check out the latest by Joe Meno or Rachel Resnick, perhaps even a little Jean Phillipe Touissant might be in order just to lighten the mood. And hey, if the state of our economy really does inspire people to stay in and create more "art", I say good. That's what really matters. That and pumpkin pie.

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