Monday, August 31, 2009

The Collagist Takes Off

Okay party-people . . . it's time to pay close attention because all those gifted and talented writers we love so much are appearing in the premiere online issue of The Collagist. What's The Collagist, you ask? Well, Dzanc Books  has done it again. First OV Books, where the fantastic Gina Frangello and Stacy Bierlein reside over great debut authors and other notables, like Tod Goldberg, then Black Lawrence Press, and the print journal, Monkeybicycle and now this fantastic online publication has become part of the world where indy authors and books get a voice. Ander Monson, Kim Chinquee and others grace the online pages of this journal in the first issue out for August 2009. The best part is not only do we get to read great works of fiction and non-fiction, but also there's some great book reviews, too. Wander over to The Collagist, where Matt Bell has taken on the roll as Editor and manager of indy greatness. Do check it out, people because that would make you cool and everyone likes to be cool.

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