Monday, March 08, 2010

Not Just Words on a Page

It's March and you know what that means . . . aside from green beer and people pinching you for your blase attitude where Irish holidays are concerned --it's time for a few more suggestions from yours truly. i'll keep this short and sweet. Since life has handed me several lemons lately in more ways than one, I've had to do some reshuffling and here's what you can now look forward to: Marisa Matarazzo's interview (location now TBD), a review of "Other Resort Cities"  by Tod Goldberg ( yes, I know I keep saying it's coming, but it is), Andrew Zornoza's, "Where I Stay" at the Collagist and my latest thoughts on work by Lisa Jarnot, Matthew Simmons's  "A Jello Horse" and hopefully debut author, Zoe Zolbrod's latest, Currency. There's stuff coming and people, this year there will actually be some of my own work in print. Stay tuned for those locations. By all means, go to The Nervous Breakdown and see what's brewing and in the meantime, yours truly might be taking up trepanning, just to . . . um, you know, ease the pain of it all.

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