Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mind-numbing amounts of words that go through my mind and actually hit the page = not enough!

Here's the latest in the world of me. First and foremost---you should go read my column at The Nervous Breakdown. That's one. Two. I am reviewing some fantastic books in the next few months and will be doing an issue in the fall on Jewish authors and stories for the high holy days. Three. I will interview Gina Frangello for an website (info to follow soon) and you will also see Marisa Matarazzo's interview with yours truly up at Astrophil Press. Four. My work will debut at Marco Polo Quarterly sometime in June. Stay Tuned for that. My fiction people. Not a review. Yay me. Five. I cannot begin to list all the fantastic books out there for you to read but i'll try to post a list of more things in the works soon. Right now, what I can say is please go read Shya Scanlon's, "In this alone Impulse" and Kate Zambreno's "O Fallen Angel." Incidentally, I'll be reviewing each of them. Shya's work at DIAGRAM and Kate's work at The Collagist. Six. Next month at TNB, there will be reviews of more LGBT authors. Think: Julie Enszer's "Handmade Love" and Raymond Luczak's, "Mute" and Owen Hill's, "The Incredible Double" from PM Press. Oh yes, and an interview with the one and only Aimee Bender will be forthcoming at The Nervous Breakdown, too. So, stay tuned for that. While you're at it, wander over to DIAGRAM and check out the current issue. Aside from all the amazing fiction, there's a great review of Kim Parko's work, Cure All that Caketrain published. Lots of good things coming. And then there's the long weekend. Poolside. Margaritas. Friends. Sun. A book. Happy birthday to all my crazy Gemini girlies (Kelly, Shauna, kristin, Neila) and manly-men (my witty dad and the fabulous and amazing Robert Zuckerman!) you guys are the real deal. Actually, Neila and Robert, you share the exact same birthdate AND year! Wouldn't it be wild if you were born in the same place, too? Strange little world. And you know, that whole "twin" thing really does hold true. There really are 2 sides to you, Gemini! In the meantime, I'm laying low and as my dad would say, "Staying out of trouble." Next up, a new car. I need a good rate on my loan so I can go get my Audi. Stay tuned, lovlies. Until then . . . go forth and read, smart people.

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