Friday, October 07, 2005

Hawaii's not all Luaus and Bellydancers

Most nights I have some sort of a squabble with Anthony over what we will watch on TV. He's more of a COPS, Reno 911, & National Geographic kind of guy and I prefer the Friends re-runs, TBS shows or even 30 minute meals with Rachel Ray; however he has introduced me to the strange world of Bounty-Hunting with Dog, The Bounty Hunter and I've got to say, I'm intrigued. The show's based in Hawaii and Dog, along with his family run a bail-bond outfit that keeps them going after various derelicts. Dog's wife, son, brother and others help to bring down the man/woman of the hour. The mission begins simply by them getting details from someone who's turning them in or from a tip from a family member, but not before they all have a quick prayer and grab their cans of mace. Until I saw this show, I had no real appreciation for the career that is Bounty Hunting. Once the person in question is caught, Dog gives them a lecture and then, it gets a little strange. He becomes their buddy, their "go-to" person. He wants to make sure these wife-beaters, drug users and felons are o.k. Dog gets so incredibly invested in bringing these people in that it makes it hard to believe he'd befriend him/her after they've been cuffed and the job is done. Aside from the terrible opening song, sung by Ozzy--the show has potential. And the show does give a good look at the non-touristy end of things. You're not getting surfboards and pineapples. As much as I enjoy this show, I think I'm still inclined to put on a Family Guy episode and get a few laughs in.

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