Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I have the need . . . the need for HEAT!

In Los Angeles, many people argue that there are no seasons here. I, for one am not one of those people. Granted--Southern California has become one of the few places that will allow you to get away with wearing light sweats on the beach, no matter what time of year it is but I have to say after the rain coming down the past couple days and the chill in the air--I'm ready to break out the warm clothes, cover up in a warm blanket on the couch and watch Breaking Bonaduce (this is one train-wreck I swore I wouldn't watch and it has sucked me in.) As much as I love the warm weather and being a short drive away from the ocean--I really am prepared to break out my best sweaters and wool pants. The leaves still turn colors here and trees still blossom in the spring. But fall has a definite air about it. You know when it's arrived, even if you live in Los Angeles. For me, when I have to put on the UGG boots to walk around the house in the morning to keep my feet warm and when I have to fire up the old wall heater (which smells terrible from having gone un-used for the past 8 months) and those catchy OLD NAVY holiday ads appear--I know it's time! As much as I enjoy flip-flops and t-shirts--I really can't enjoy the JCREW catalog or say, L.L. Bean's Christmas issue when I have the air-conditioner on in my house. For all you nay-sayers out there, I'm here to tell you LA's getting colder, damnit. It is! And, I will be needing to purchase items to keep me warm when it hits 60 degrees and it gets so cold that my teeth begin to chatter and goosebumps pertrude. Folks, trust me--it's fall in LA and there's just no denying it--So, there!

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